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Biological Evolution

We perform projects for museums and other clients who are concerned with matters of the evolution of life. In the focus of our approach is on the processual character of evolution, expressed through changes of form, and through developmental patterns. Changes of form appear at the morphological level, e.g., when one species changes into another, or when phylogenetic unfoldings shall be presented. Developmental patterns gain attention when the dynamics underlying evolutionary processes shall be portrayed, e.g. in case of ecosystem-changes.

We are able to depict both morphological changes and developmental patterns in an easily understandeable way, showing the impacts and relations of the forces which constitute them. We visualize all those processes via 3D-Simulation and Animation techniques, adapted to the individual needs of our clients.

We cooperate with international experts on the field of evolution, to assure an up to date and innovative character of our projects.

Our current projects:
Dynamics of Life,
Timelines of Evolution