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Project: Dynamics of Life

the project promotes a new approach for the presentation and visualization of evolutionary processes. Unique in its kind, and forwarded by the Ministry of Science, Education and the Arts, Baden- Württemberg, Germany, the project was funded by the Landesstiftung Baden-Württemberg.

The central idea underlying the project is to present evolution as what it really is, namely as process; a process that focuses upon the change of form, in the final. For demonstrating this central feature of evolution in a manner that becomes understandable for a broader public also, we concentrate upon the development of form that took place inside lines of evolution which became essential for all further development of life on this planet: From uni-cellular organisms to primordial cellular ones; from those to the first ancestors of the line we all belong to, the vertebrata or "spined" animals; and the line that led from those early vertebrated forms to the first land-dwelling animals.

This is done by interactive virtual representation, performed by PXNG.LI, using a new 3D-technique that not only allows for a hologrammatic representation of the animals, but also for the interactive use of a time line, showing in a demonstrative manner the transition of forms in central features like bone constructions, modi of moving in space, and so on. In parallel, we explicitely integrate traditional concepts of museal presentation into our approach, thus creating a unity of old/new which is unique, too. The basic method is designed in such a way that it can be used by children and juveniles, too, and therefore fits well into curricula of elementary schools, high schools, or universities. In each of these cases, an adaptation considering the needs and capabilities of the respective client group can be made any time.

Moreover, our approach can be extended or modified in any conceiveable manner, although for cultural processes. Extension or modification of the contents as well as of the interaction technique (technique of user interfaces included) depends on the wishes of the client and can be specifically created for the individual circumstances to be matched.

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Due to its success, the project is in the process of continuing further development, and one of it's new versions has been presented as "Evolutionslinien" (Timelines of Evolution).

Trailer: Youtube.