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We perform projects in the domains of institutional cooperation, policy development, and organizational reshaping for the most diverse clients. Our focus lies not only on developing measures but also, if not first and foremost, on their implementation. In doing so, we were assisted by our large experience gained in these fields, in having worked in international projects of these kinds; also inside other cultures like Central Asia, Northern Africa, the former Soviet Union, and the like. Of particular concern are influencing the dynamics of the processes to be reshaped, and the so-called 'human factor' which in the majority of cases, proved to be severely underestimated. That is, we do not propose only technical solutions which do not work after implementation.

We work strictly client-oriented, and opposed to other consulting firms, do not propose prefabricated solutions.

Dipl. biol., lic. oec. HSG and MA in History Ulrich Gehmann worked for several years in the domain of international consultancy, inter alias 2 years on the spot in Romania, as managing director of Coopers & Lybrand Int. for the development of management consulting services. He was project leader of international teams in projects covering the fields of: enterprise reorganization; inter-institutional cooperation; projects for regional development; setting frameworks and implementing measures for projects in economic policy development, also for the EU, the IMF, and the World Bank. Those projects were performed in Eastern Europe, Estland, Belarus, Central Asian Republics, and the Levante.

Hartmann-de Vries, who runs the hdv consulting, specialized in reorganization of flows in logistic and other sorts of optimization.

Our major concern, all our consultants is based upon, considers the impact of so-called soft-factors and cultural determinants in addition, our consultancy approach uses the systemic analysis of dynamic networks and the related methods. Our focus in applying these instruments is on the developmental dynamics of the system in question, and how decision makers are able to influence its major determinants.